Very accommodating and friendly. Very happy with the entire experience.

Kathy E. | Bonney Lake, WA
July 14, 2017

I felt that some extra steps could have been taking to put drop clothes down around the base of the house where the bark is. I had a lot of over spray wherever there is bark and had to rake all those areas to eliminate the over spray and get rid of the painted bark. Also having someone who speak English on the job site at all times would be helpful too.

Scott L. | Auburn, WA
June 22, 2017

The entire process is handled both professionally and efficiently. Communication is a "10" during the entire process. Also, the actual painters get in and get the job done with end of day clean up always completed. We own apt buildings and they are respectful of our tenants and as much as possible alleviate any inconveniences they might have.

Val L. | Seattle, WA
June 19, 2017

Excellent re quality and meeting schedule.

Karen W. | Seattle, WA
June 11, 2017

no, everything went great

Sharon W. | Auburn, WA
June 10, 2017

I think the only thing was that from the time he gave me the appraisal to the moment the work started there wasn't good communication. I had to reach out a few times and ask if it was still going to happen and if they were still coming. When they got here it was good, efficient and I'm glad it's warrantied.

Dianne W. | Seattle, WA
June 8, 2017

They did a nice job, were very quick and clean, were polite and friendly to work with

Dan H. | Renton, WA
June 8, 2017

Painting crew was excellent! Victor and Alex are great assets to certapro...I'd hire them myself!

Kathy M. | Des Moines, WA
June 8, 2017

Very professional, polite . knowledgeable,

Stuart M. | Bonney Lake, WA
June 8, 2017

Gabby was great, she was the lead for it and she did an amazing job.

Stuart S. | Seattle, WA
June 7, 2017